Musky Fest Medallion Hunt

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Musky Fest Medallion Hunt
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The 11th Annual Musky Fest Medallion Hunt brought to you by WRLS, The Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce and Hayward Bait and Bottle. Your mission: to find our contest sponsors! On June 9th WRLS will give the clue to the first contest sponsor. Qualifiers must find that sponsor; pick up your official Musky Fest Medallion Hunt Registration Card and the clue to the next sponsor. The next sponsor will have the next clue available the following day. You must visit each sponsor and have them sign your registration. On Friday June 20th the final clue will lead you to the Musky Fest Medallion Hunt registration box. Drop your filled registration card in the box! Winner will be drawn on the LCO Main Stage during the band’s first break at the Musky Fest Street Dance on Friday June 20th!


2. Only one contestant per household may be registered as a qualifier.
3. The Musky Fest Medallion Hunt will be played June 9th to June 20th, 2014.
4. Winner may transfer their interest in their Prize to someone else if permission is obtained in advance from WRLS and the Prize Sponsor. There will be no option for a cash payment in exchange for prizes.
5. Winners will be responsible for all taxes, as per state and federal tax guidelines.
6. WRLS will air the first Musky Fest Medallion Hunt Clue on air throughout the day June 9th, 2014.
7. Players will receive an Official Musky Fest Medallion Hunt Registration Card at the first place of business. Qualifiers must have signatures from all 10 businesses by Friday June 20th to qualify for the drawing. A new clue will be available each week day; however, Qualifiers may find several places of businesses after clues have been made available. (Ex. On Thursday June 12th, you may start at the first place of business and find Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s place of business. You may hunt on the weekend of June 14th and 15th but please be aware that all places of business may not be open on Sunday.)
8. All Qualifiers who find the Official Registration box and have their official card filled out are eligible to win over $1500.00 in prizes and gift certificates.
9. Prize drawing will be on Friday, June 20th on the LCO Main stage during the Musky Fest Street Dance first band break. Qualifiers need not be present to win.
10. All prizes awarded are the responsibility of the participating sponsors. WRLS provides the contest winners with a gift certificate, which must be redeemed from the specific sponsor for the specific prize by a date specified on the gift certificate. All prizes are awarded is “as is condition”. WRLS neither expresses nor implies any warranty for the product or service awarded as the prize.

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