Jeff Daniels hopes 'Dumb' sequel is 'funnier'

The actor may be winning awards playing a smart guy on "The Newsroom," but fans want to watch him be stupid again, in "Dumb and Dumber 2."

Catching up with 'Community's' cast of crazies

Can "Community" actually achieve its "six seasons and a movie" aspirations? It’s certainly getting an A for effort with its upcoming fifth season opener.

'Duck Dynasty' stars 'ready to move on' from flap

During an interview on Fox News on Tuesday, Willie and Korie Robertson said the family was ready to put the controversy stirred up by Wi

New 'Spider-Man 2' teaser wrecks Times Square

The New York City destination takes a real beating from Electro and the web-slinger in this peek into the franchise's next entry.

Ray Romano finds fulfillment on 'Parenthood'

The Emmy-winning comedian enjoys the drama of playing a socially awkward photographer on the NBC series.

'Big Bang' star Cuoco marries on New Year's Eve

The Big Bang Theory star tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting on Tuesday, Dec. 31.

Wrong notes: The best misheard lyrics of 2013

We've all done it: Been cluelessly singing along to a song only to learn (maybe from a lyrics sheet, or maybe from a happily horrified friend) that we h

Mother shares 'Strange Addiction': Drinking paint

Heather is 43 years old, a mother of two young children and a paint drinker.

Sean 'Spicoli' Penn hits beach for 'tasty waves'

Sean Penn got back to the beach during the holidays and a photo of the actor triggered our hazy memories of

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